Twilight Star Marisa Quinn Wearing Lavec!


Attention Twilight Fans!

We spotted Twilight star Marisa Quinn posing for an upcoming photo shoot with co-star Judi Shekoni, and she’s wearing Lavec!

Marisa, chose to go with our blue “That was then, This is now” tank, which not only is expressing a powerful message, but goes great with so many funky chic outfits. Here, Marisa paired our tank with, Bare sole girl shoes, and an Overman necklace.

We think, Marisa is someone that our readers need to know about, because not only will you catch her in the next Twilight film (which hits theaters November 16th), but she has her own production company, Monarch Media Films, where she has already produced and starred in her own web series!

Thanks Marisa, for wearing our Lavec tank , you look amazing! Keep expressing who you really are, we are inspired by you!

Watch the upcoming trailer for Twilight: Watch Twilight Trailer

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Lavec ad in NY’s Elucid Magazine

According to NY magazine’s newest FREE publication Elucid magazine, “Elucid, derived from the word “elucidate” means to give out light”.

Well, with such a positive message like that we are honored to be a part of this issue. New Yorkers, make sure to pick up a free copy of Elucid magazine, where they promise to give you a destination for your best New York experience, whether it be fashion, music, arts or dining, you’ll find it all there.


Check out our Lavec ad in their latest issue and join in and get your tee to spread the Lavec message!

Elucid Magazine









Stephanie Klemons supports Lavec on America’s Got Talent!

We first met Stephanie Klemons, when she was part of the Off-Broadway and Broadway Tony Award-winning cast of “In the Heights”, where she also served as Co-Dance Captain & Co-Associate choreographer of the national tour.

Not only is she an incredible performer, but she has always been involved in incredible charitably work, including her very own Katie’s Art Project ( ), whose mission is to bring the creation of art to kids with cancer.

Currently, Stephanie just finished opening the new hit Broadway show “Bring it on”, where she served as associate choreographer.

Here’s Stephanie, sporting her Lavec gear on America’s Got Talent where the cast performed.













Youtube: Bring it on performs on America’s Got Talent

Earlier this summer, Stephanie was also caught sporting her Lavec gear at Revolucion Latina’s D2GB Children’s Performing Arts Camp ( ) .







Let’s get inspired by Stephanie who wears her Lavec gear while making a difference in this world.

Wear it. Express it. Live it. Lavec!

Catching up with David Del Rio


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Not only does he have one of the most anticipated movies releasing this October called Pitch Perfect, but he’s currently filming another feature set to release in 2013.

The film is called Dead Drop Sugarcane, directed by R. Ellis Frazier. It stars Luke Goss, Cole Hauser, Nestor Carbonell, and our very own David Del Rio, shooting in gorgeous Rosarito, Mexico.

When we spoke to David, this is what he had to say about his experience: “I have to be honest, I am my best self when I’m creating on a film set. I’m grateful enough to say that I have always wanted to do this ever since I was very young, and continuing to see it come to fruition is uncanny. I consider myself very lucky. Along with wearing my “lifeguard” my Lavec Limitless bracelet, I always remember and remind myself the fundamentals that Lavec has taught me. Always be grateful, everybody around you is of great importance, and keep the environmental energy illuminated with pure love and joy. We hope that when it releases in 2013, you will have an enthusiastic response to it. Always thankful to Lavec, always appreciative to Dead Drop Sugarcane, always love the fans. My world is again and again made new”. 

Pitch Perfect Trailer

David on the set of Drop Dead Suger Cane .








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Lavec Model Eric Stanton poses for Aeropostale !

Big News!

Our great friend and former LAVEC model, Eric Stanton, landed a huge Aeropostale campaign.

Eric, first came to us in 2011 when he posed for our “Concept Line”, which was shot in New York City, by the amazing photographer Nathan Johnson (

We knew for sure that his amazing energy, and positive attitude would get him far in this industry. Now, you can find Eric on a huge billboard at the flagship store in Times Square, and on all of the Aeropostale shopping bags.

Keep creating Eric! And let’s not forget to dream big!!


Check out our “Concept Line” where we feature Eric!

Latest LAVEC Interview

Interview with Ali Solomon from

R.evolución Latina

-Matt Simpkins Photography-

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a small town on eastern Long Island called Manorville (our town was so small that we didn’t have our own high school). It’s become much more developed in recent years and we actually have a grocery store and a couple of restaurants now!

How long have you been dancing?

For as long as I can remember! My parents signed my older sister and I up for dance class and gymnastics as an activity to “keep us busy” when we were 3 years old. I don’t think anyone predicted it would someday turn into a career for me.

When did you move to NY?

My parent’s house is about an hour and a half to two hours away from the city but it never seemed too far for me. I was always commuting back and forth for classes and auditions, which made the official move a bit easier.

I knew for a long time that I wanted to get my own apartment and was pretty determined to do so. I was lucky and started working professionally shortly after high school. I worked really hard to save money during my first few performing jobs so that I could afford an apartment when I was ready. So after doing the show Swing! at Westchester Broadway Theatre – which I think was in 2003 – I moved into a small studio on the Upper East Side.

What have been some of the highlights of your career?

Ahhhh! There have been so many experiences that I’m grateful for. Honestly, each time I’m on stage doing what I love, I think, “How lucky am I?!?! Every single day I get to wake up and do exactly what I love and want to do!”

Some highlights that I will never forget….performing a medley from West Side Story at the New Amsterdam with all the living members of the original Broadway company. We were celebrating the 50th Anniversary of WSS at Gypsy of the Year and Josh Bergasse re-staged the original Jerome Robbins choreography. It was amazing. On the 2nd performance as I was waiting to make my entrance, Chita Rivera came up to me in the wings and put her arm around my shoulders. We just stood there taking it all in as the men danced a section of the prologue. I almost didn’t make it on stage because I didn’t want to let that moment go! Other highlights were Camelot at Lincoln Center and Show Boat at Carnegie Hall.  Another star struck moment happened recently when I performed at the Kennedy Center in D.C. We were performing in this HUGE theatre and my parents made a last minute trip to see the show. I was really proud of the work I had done and their excitement after the show kept me glowing for days. Plus Liza Minelli and Ben Vereen were also performing in the show and we’d all just hang out backstage in the green room listening to the two of them tell stories. It was crazy!!

What would you say has been your most inspiring moment onstage? How about off-stage?

This is a hard question! Off stage there have been a few moments that stand out. One of the first is from the very beginning of my career. I was performing on Disney Cruise Line and I was often asked to participate in special events, or individual meetings/experiences for guests who were part of the Make a Wish Foundation. I was continually affected and inspired by these beautiful children who were facing terminal diseases yet exuding such joy, passion, and gratitude for life.

Perhaps the catalyst for my drive, and thus a source of inspiration, was from a former teacher of mine. Growing up this teacher was continually singing my praises and encouraging me. However, as I got older, things suddenly changed. When I spoke of my dreams, she simply said, “You’ll never make it.” I was immediately crushed and heart broken. Luckily though, instead of letting those words beat me down, a fire started inside of me (I guess it was my early discovery of daring myself to go beyond!). I decided I would prove to her that I was capable and now, years later, I know that in some way, each success that I have had is inspired by her words of discouragement and my own faith in myself.

Lastly, and especially this year, my older sister has been a true source of inspiration for me. I was in rehearsal one night in November when I saw a series of missed calls and text messages from my parents and younger sister. On one of our 5 minute breaks I stepped outside to return the calls and within minutes received some of the scariest news of my life. My sister had suffered a brain aneurysm (at 4 and a half months pregnant) and was in the ER. Next thing I know, my family and I are racing to make it to Syracuse, NY as fast as possible. Fourteen days, multiple procedures, CT scans, and angios later, she was finally able to come home from the Neurology ICU. Several of the procedures that her surgeon tried did not in fact work, but each time he went back in to examine her brain, she was getting better and essentially healing herself. I have never met a stronger more fearless woman in my life. My sister was determined, hopeful, and optimistic. She was fighting, and though I know she was so scared every day, she continually exuded bravery. It was a very long and scary journey for all of us, but today my sister and her beautiful baby girl are healthy and doing well. They are miracles and they are proof to me that no matter what obstacles come your way, you can overcome anything.

Tell us about your experience on the In the Heights tour?

In some ways the experience is so hard to describe. It was an extremely emotional experience for me. Because of my history with the show and working with Andy on preproduction and helping Luis teach salsa classes, In the Heights became the show for me that I just HAD to do. I felt like I had worked so hard and for so long to get the opportunity to be part of it, that when the offer came it was almost surreal. Yet in some ways I felt like I really had to prove myself to the cast that was already out on tour. I had never been a replacement before and in some ways it can be difficult to step into someone else’s shoes. The cast was extremely welcoming though and they became my second family almost immediately.

The actual experience of performing the show and being on stage each night was something that was incomparable to any other experience I’ve had. For me, my show was constantly evolving. Since I wasn’t cast in the very beginning of the tour, I had a much shorter rehearsal process. I certainly received a wealth of information and was prepared to step in, however it also left room for me to keep discovering things on my own. It was incredible to dance Andy’s choreography. I remember taking class with him back at the old Broadway Dance Center and loving his movement because it always told a story. We don’t always get the opportunity to do that, but with Andy every step has such significance. I think this is such an important part of dance and it is the aspect that I love most. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons I was so fulfilled at the end of every single show.

Tell us about your involvement with RL and how it’s changed your life?

Wow! RL has given me the opportunity to learn sooooooo much. I was lucky enough to be involved from the very beginning when Luis was figuring out exactly what R.Evolución Latina was going to be. I was able to help create the mission and our motto, Dare to Go Beyond, but I really had no idea how involved I would eventually be and how much a part of my every day life it would become. I like to think that I’ve always been a pretty optimistic person, but RL reinforces that, and in a way almost forces me to be positive every day. It changes my life on a daily basis because the motto has become so ingrained in my head that I can’t think a negative thought without the little “RL angel” on my shoulder saying “You can do it; dare to go beyond!” It has enabled me to find a way to give back and to develop a skill set as a Co-Executive Director that most people go to school for years to learn. RL continues to inspire and motivate me with every project and dream that we create.

Which is your favorite LAVEC shirt and why?

Ok I have a few: First is “In Motion” I love the bright yellow and I love it because I feel like it is me. I’m constantly in motion – dancing, running, creating. It’s what keeps me going. I can’t sit still! Next is “Limitless” I have my “I am Limitless” bracelet attached to a bag that I use every day. It’s such an important message and a reminder that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! And lastly, from the concept line “Imagine” I just look at that shirt and I see a dreamer. It immediately makes me smile and brightens my day!

Finish the sentence: La vida es chevere when…..

You Dare to Go Beyond!

What is your positive message to all of our followers?

Just BE! Be present. Be yourself. Be in the moment. Be aware. To me, this tiny little word is so powerful. In the dictionary the simple meaning of “be” is to exist; live. So often we forget to do just that. These two letters are also the beginnings to so many important words: BEauty, BEyond, BEcome, BEgin, BElieve. I recently realized the significance of this word in my life and I try to wake up each day reminding myself to be.

And one of my favorite messages is this: “May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise, and love. It is there for each and every one of us.”